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To ensure your rehearsal studio rental experience is the best that it can be, we offer the following amenities on-site.

Studio rental room with wood floors, full wall of mirros, piano and acoustic curtain

Equity Approved
Central A/C
Yamaha/Kawai Pianos in Every Room
Bluetooth Speakers
TV/DVD Players
Wood/Marley Sprung Floors
Acoustical Curtains

Free Wireless Internet
Access Freight Elevator
Tables & Chairs
Ballet Barres
Music Stands
Non-Profit & Union Rates

Rehearsal studio with a group of folding chairs, full wall of mirrors and piano

Studio Rates by Floor

With our convenient location in Midtown Manhattan and a variety of studio sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect space to rent for your next audition, rehearsal or class.

To view photos of each studio, please click a room number.

3rd Floor

Room NumberSizeRateGeneral Info
30162'x27'$124/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
30246'x16'$66/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
30328'x12'$59/hrMirrors - Piano Sprung Wood Floor
30446'x32'$114/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
30527'x17'$59/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
30635'x24'$89/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
30814'x12'$36/hrPiano - Carpet
30952'x24'$109/hrMirrors - Piano-Sprung Grey Marley Floor
31027'x17'$59/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
31127'x17'$59/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
31252'x24'$109/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
31453'x24'$109/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
31535'x24'$89/hrPiano - Sprung Wood Floor

View 3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor

Room NumberSizeRateGeneral Info
40136'x26'$94/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
40246' x 20'$66/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
40329' x12'$59/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood
40446' x 31'$114/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
40526' x 15'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
40635' x 24'$89/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood
40727' x 15'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
40838'x19'$89/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
40950' x 24'$109/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
41022' x 15'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
41126' x 15'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
41251' X 24'$109/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Wood Floor
41458' x 24'$114/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
41527' x 13'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor
41621' x 16'$54/hrMirrors - Piano - Sprung Marley Floor

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