Rental Agreement

Any and all clients and or the representatives of any individual or group renting space from. Pearl Studios NYC must first read and sign this Rental Agreement prior to the initial booking.

It is the responsibly of the client and or their representatives to inform the individuals renting the space of the below terms and conditions. Pearl Studios NYC is to be held harmless for any injuries that may occur on said premise. Pearl Studios NYC is not responsible for any personal property that may be stored on the premises. Printable rental agreement.

A. Procedures

  1. Upon entrance all clients must check in at reception. All clients must adhere to all Governmental and Fire Regulations. All stairways are to be kept clear of debris in compliance with Governmental and Fire codes.

  2. Payment must be made before occupying the room unless prior arrangements were made their Management.

  3. Clients must arrive on time; time will not be extended for tardiness. Client must vacate your space on time to accommodate the next client coming in.

  4. It is the client’s responsibility to set up and, return to original place, all equipment during their allotted time; this includes but is not limited to chairs, tables, music stands, musical equipment, etc.

  5. All studios must be kept clean and free of debris; all trash should be put in the trash cans; Check that no personal belongings have been left behind; Pearl Studios NYC is not responsible for any personal belongings left on the premise.

  6. Hallways are quiet zones. No rehearsing or warming up in hallways. Keep all common areas free of debris and in a neat condition.

  7. All pianos will be treated like they are yours; no food, drinks, purses, backpacks, clothing, etc. are to be placed on pianos. If a client is found to have done such a fine may be applied to the cost of the room.

  8. Specification of use of space must be pre-arranged with management prior to renting. Any use of any sound system must first be cleared by management.

  9. Tap dancing is allowed with prior consent from management. No black soled shoes in the rooms.

  10. Management reserves the right to move clients to a space either equal or larger with the same equipment.

  11. Management reserves the right to remove anyone that violates this agreement and terminate the use.

B. Payment Policy

All payments must be received before use of any space unless prior arrangements have been made through Management. All first time clients will need to reserve a room with a major credit card and pay cash before occupying the room. This credit card will then be kept on file for the Client. If the Client does not pay the rental fee before the specified start time, their credit card will be charged the appropriate rental fee.

  1. The first booking is to be paid by cash only.
  2. Future bookings can be paid by the method of, cash, cashier checks, money orders. Bankcards or major credit cards as long as the amount exceeds $25.00. A client who has maintained an account for more than 90-days may pay by check; we will not accept third party checks. A returned check fee charge of $30.00 plus the rental amount will be assessed against the credit card on record and checks will no longer be acceptable as form of payment.
  3. Any deposits or monthly rental fees must be paid by the date stated on the invoice or the agreed upon date approved through the Management office.
  4. No booking is complete unless all deposit fees are received.
  5. A payment made more than 5 days late will be assessed a late charge fee at 18% annually.

C. Cancellation Policy

  1. Rental time of 1-3 hours requires no less than 48 hours notice for cancellation.

  2. Rental time of 3.5-7.5 hours requires no less than 72 hours notice for cancellation.

  3. Rental time of 8 or more hours in one booking requires no less than a 7 day notice for cancellation.

  4. Established clients who hold space on a regular basis are required to cancel no less than 72 hours prior.

  5. Any rental block of more than 5 days with a block of 6-8 hours per day requires no less than a 2 week notice for cancellation.
  6. All Lockouts or Invoices totaling $5000 or more must be paid 30 days prior and require a 30-day cancellation notice.

If the above timeline is not followed, Management reserves the right not to return any deposit refunds or issue a credit. Client will be charged the full amount for the rental if the space is cancelled late.  All cancellations must be done by phone during business hours.  Please note your cancellation number given to you at the time of cancellation in order to receive proper credit if applicable.

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Print the Pearl Studio Rental Agreement.