Our Staff

Rick Bataglino

Rick Battaglino, General Manager

A successful business manager, Richard, also an attorney, managed and oversaw the growth of small law firm in FL to a nationwide company with over 100 employees. Richard is excited to bring his extensive management skill to Pearl Studios. Let the show go on.

Jose  Miguel de Frias

Jose Miguel de Frias, Night Manager

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Miguel is here to explore the legendary New York nightlife. You can find him managing the night shifts on the weeknights and DJing at the best dance music events around the city on the weekends.

Dolan Wolfe

Dolan Wolfe, Booking Associate

A singer/songwriter from California. He attended the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in the central coast, and after some years of doing theater in the west, moved to New York in 2009. He's grateful for working at Pearl Studios, which allows him to continue his art in music.

Kendra Spear

Kendra Spear, Booking Associate

California born. Writer. Artist. In love with New York. Obsessed with horror novels and movies. So happy to be a part of the Pearl Studios family.

Madeline Hamlet

Madeline Hamlet, She Does Everything

Madeline grew up in a small town called Opelika, Alabama. After moving to New York City to pursue the arts, she quickly found her place at Pearl Studios. Madeline's favorite things about working at Pearl is being immersed in the creative and inspiring environment, and seeing her friends everyday in the hallways!

Madeline Hamlet

Alexander Casasnovas, Weekend Manager

Alexander Casasnovas(Actor/Director)is very excited to join the team at Pearl Studios as the weekend manager. After taking a break from his passion to manage a restaurant, he is back in the game! Going full force. Currently directing a new musical “A Pilgrimage through a Dimly Lit Alley” and auditioning. He is super blessed to have his team at Pearl Studios fully supporting him and the entire staff in their craft.

Madeline Hamlet

David Sokol, Facility Manager

David, a lifelong fan of the performing arts, is currently studying forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He hopes to obtain his PhD in cognitive psychology and study the relationship between human memory and the legal system. David enjoys balancing his studies with the loving and artistic energy that the people at Pearl Studios exude.